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EASY Strawberry Cake Truffles

“All you need is love…but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

-Charles Schulz

I couldn’t agree more…wise man right there.

What is better than making someone you love something sweet to remind them?


So, last Valentine’s Day I was sick, it was FREEZING -8 degrees (still is this year, boo) and we had a flood. Literally water everywhere for hours and hours despite that we shut it off. That proved to be less than awesome and certainly not romantic.

We made the best of it.

I am so lucky to have someone so wonderful to love in my life and the best part is…he loves me back.

Last year I still managed to make chocolates for Dan despite it all.

This year however I went with a cake pop feel minus the sticks…so cake truffles. Plus the word truffle just makes me feel fancy.

This recipe, (not gonna lie) is a tad time consuming, but they are EASY to make.

I am not a fan of box mixes, but I appreciate their easy factor.

Duncan Hines Strawberry cake mix to the rescue!