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Kara & David say I do

Kara and David are quite possibly the nicest people in the world.

It's true.

The first day I met them it was freezing out and I usually like to treat my clients to a coffee or tea, well imagine my surprise when these two insisted they treat me. Kara even waited in line despite my protesting.

I just adored them both immediately.

As we sipped on our drinks and warmed up, they shared that they would be getting married at Kara's parent's home and they were doing a clam bake, how fun!

Tented weddings are so intimate and gorgeous.

In my mind summer time and seafood go hand in hand, it's just how it goes.

I loved all their details, especially the sign Kara and David made for the bug wipes.

So that morning it poured and poured and poured.

As you can see the ring bearer was completely soaked...but he didn't seem to mind too much ; )

I never know how brides will react when their day isn't perhaps the most perfect weather, but Kara didn't miss a beat.

When I went to go outside to shoot the tent and her dress the rain turned to a drizzle and then stopped completely.

Meanwhile inside Kara's mom and sister/Maid of Honor Becka were making the bouquets.

Would I be that brave to make them an hour before the ceremony?

Probably not, but they did an amazing job!!

Kara is so laid back she would have loved anything they made for her : )

So pretty!

It was pretty chaotic getting ready, people were in and out and in and out. I did my best to keep Kara calm and happy. She kept joking I am 80% wedding planner and friend and 20% photographer ; )

We did have some laughs and fun while in the bridal suite though aka the spare bedroom!

Sisters and best friends these two, just so beautiful.

How adorable are these two?

They were perfect angels while Kara was getting ready.

Little models!

Before we knew it, it was go time!