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Kelly & Rob Engaged

Kelly and Rob are a great couple that know how to laugh and make each other smile...even if this means teasing each other relentlessly.

I like that about them.

Kelly and Rob were a lot of fun, and despite the gray day we made the best of it!

It POURED on the highway as I was driving from our apartment and all I could think was UGH!!

We had already rescheduled once due to the cruddy weather and they really wanted that fall look.

By the time we finally picked a day that worked for everyone (including Mother Nature) it was the first week in November.

We headed to a location I knew well and lived nearby too many, many years ago called Buttonwoods or Warwick City Park in Rhode Island.

I love shooting in RI!

It has a huge dog park which is pretty popular, but is also filled with amazing trails, the bay, beautiful tall trees, and these lovely wispy grasses I discovered (score!).

It really is a great park.

So to begin I asked Kelly and Rob to walk over and just "get in the grasses" haha.