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Becka & Brian Engaged

If you know me, then you know I REALLY love October. I look forward to it when it’s February, haha.

I have my mom to thank for this because she always had amazing Halloween parties for me as a child, decorated the house to the 9’s, and had apple everything…pie, sauce, crisp, candy apples, etc…

Nothing is quite like the beauty of fall.

The leaves are filled with hues of orange, crimson, yellows, and the air smells so clean and fresh.

It’s really a magical time in New England that is fleeting as it comes once a year and is gone in a flash.

As Robert Frost once so eloquently said, “Nothing gold can stay.”

Do you know what can stay? This really fun e-session.

Becka and Brian feel the same way as I do and really love the fall season.

They are also about as adorable as they come.

No seriously...cute for DAYS these two ; )

I was fortunate enough to be referred by her lovely sister Kara (thanks Kara!!).

I shot her wedding which was this past summer.

When Becka and Brian told me they needed an engagement session for their Save the Dates I instantly began to thi