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Cecilia & Gregg say I do

Cecilia and Gregg were married at Slater Park in Pawtucket, RI.

In all the years I lived in Rhode Island I had not visited this park before.

It was fantastic, but oh man was it HOT that day!

That's the beauty of a summer wedding however, you won't ever be cold : )

The park had lots of little hidden gems that I scoped out the day before.

After I meet my clients I literally cannot wait to see them in their wedding clothes on their special day. I am so lucky!

I love HOW excited Cecilia was when she first arrived with that big smile on her face!

Cecilia like most brides adores all the little details (many she made herself) and included a ton of wonderful things to make their wedding unique. The rest she found on Etsy ( a guilty pleasure of mine too).

She decorated the ceremony space beautifully and it really did transform from when I visited it the day before.

She even made this gorgeous chandelier for the ceremony space.

How cute is she?!

Cecilia's son was so sweet and walked her down the isle to give her away to Gregg.

I remember as I watched Gregg waiting for his future wife he anxiously took a deep breath as he was awe struck by her beauty.

She looked stunning.

After the ceremony everyone lit and released lanterns into the sky.

It was quite beautiful watching those bright colors sail off into the unknown.

Then it was onto the formals which is always my favorite part!

...but first we grabbed a few shots of family and loved ones.

This was so cute...three generations ; )

Then onto just the bride and groom : )

I marched them all over the place haha, well it felt like that because it was so warm outside, but I tried to keep to to a few close locations that we could easily get to.

The woods was something I have envisioned the day before and I was very happy with how it showcased their love story, like something out of a fairy tale.

Then we went to these old steps in the middle of the forrest that were warped and very uneven from the change of the seasons and covered in moss.

On the way out we had some fun with the GIANT balloons Cecilia used to decorate the stairs.

Then it was onto the reception.

What a great day.

Congrats Gregg and Cecilia, so happy for you!!

It was an honor being your wedding photographer.

<3 Ashley

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