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Cynthia & Ben Engaged

Once upon a time Cynthia and Ben asked me for Winter engagement photos.

They really wanted the snow, the winter, the freezing temperatures. So, I said let's do it!

Wow was it COLD that day.

​My Dad has this great saying that, ”If you don’t like the weather in New England just wait five minutes.” Haha, he’s so right!

This winter has been pretty crazy in Rhode Island.

One minute it is 60 degrees and everyone’s driving with their windows down and the next we are bundled up and hoping we don’t get frost bite.

Ah the joys of living in New England, we always have insanely unpredictable weather.

Let’s go back to this fall. I met Cynthia and Ben and instantly loved them. I mean they are an amazing couple, the kind that you look at and say, “Awwwwww!!!” Which by the way, is what I did say all day.

They’d do something spontaneously cute and I’d tell them to hold it and five second later they’d so something even more adorable.

So prepare for cuteness over load in this post, haha.

Cynthia explained they’d need their engagement photos done before March, so of course the wheels were turning in my brain pondering what we could do for our session.

Then I decided a snow picnic would be really fun. Yeah…that’s my brain for you.

Truth be told I’ve ALWAYS wanted to shoot in the snow. I say this because for one I love a challenge and for the other it’s romantic, whimsical, oh yeah and COLD.

This knot in the tree made a <3 This is why nature just amazes me!

Despite the weather like true models, Cynthia and Ben rocked this session.

If you know me, you know I love, love, LOVE props and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how they all worked out, especially this antique sled from the 1950’s! We had fun with this one.

Some I made, some I painted, some I borrowed (my mom is the best) and some like the antique tea pot I purchased.

The hot chocolate however was homemade with real cocoa by my dad (my dad is also awesome!)

It kept us warm for a bit, but we had to take breaks and go in our cars to warm up.

I couldn't feel my fingers after awhile because I couldn't wear gloves while shooting so make adjustments haha. It was worth it for these two!

The wind became a little crazy at some points, but we kept on going.

I however wish to NOT thank my weather app or the meteorologists at for saying it would be “sunny” and wind free all day. It was cloudy and VERY windy with NO sun…lies!

I should have seen that one coming, haha.

I told them to toss some snow into the air.

Which was difficult because of the CRAZY wind. So then they just decided to throw it at each other, haha. Loved it!

Thank you so much Cynthia and Ben, I am really looking forward to your wedding this October. Despite that sometimes we could not feel our faces, running around Roger Williams Park was a blast.