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Mini (and adorable) Cherry Pies

I love cherries...their bright color and tartness are just amazing.

Dan however does not feel the same way I do. He also hates olives, but we won't discuss that, haha.

I think these would be amazing for a Valentine's Day gift because you know...all the red and hearts : )

I adore my heart cookie cutters that my Mom gave me, and especially the teeny tiny heart that is from when I was young, it's very special and old.

When I hold it I am instantly transformed back to all the holidays we used it to cut out sugar cookies.

So if you know me then you know I like to plan ahead or at least help you plan ahead so you should make these soon. Valentines Day will be here before we know it!

Plus they are inexpensive (even better) and it will look like you slaved for hours in the kitchen (which you definitely won't have to).

So all you need for this masterpiece is a pre-made pie crust you have left out to come to room temperature (a few hours is fine), a tbs or two of cornstarch, a lemon, and a jar of cherries in their juice.