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What to wear for your engagement session

Did you just look in your closet, leave, come back and look again expecting the perfect outfit to emerge?

Yeah, been there!

So good news, dressing for your photo session does not mean you need to run to your favorite store and buy all new things. You definitely can if you want to, but you can also put together a great outfit from the things you already own.

Allow me to assist you by telling you what not to do and some tips ; )

1 -Don't wear anything that is uncomfortable

Those really high stilettos that kill your feet or worse you are not completely comfortable walking in is a big no, no. If you normally wear flats, then rock some bright colored ones! Anything that isn't what you normally do will make you seem nervous and uncomfortable and it will show in the photos. This time is about you being yourself. If you normally wear jeans, dress up your look with a cute top and some fun shoes.

Rob and Kelly are VERy laid back people and wanted a laid back look. It was nearly mid November so we wanted to go with something colorful that would pop and scream Autumn.

They nailed it!

They then changed into this orange colored sweater and gray top which was perfect for the season.

2-Avoid logos or crazy patterns

I am not talking about zebra stripes ( although those are a definitely a no, no too) but anything that screams hey look at my clothes and not my face is generally not a good plan. Flannel is awesome, but once you start going with zig zags it appears too busy, you're in trouble. Instead try a simple scarf with a pattern on it to compliment your look and give it texture. Stay away from words and logos as this will distract from the image completely and will encourage viewers to read your shirt instead of looking at your face.

3-Don't do the "matchy matchy" thing

Ok there is matching and then there is "matching." You want to compliment one another, but you do not want to look like the same person .Being in a couple is amazing, but you are also two different individuals with two very different personalities. Showcase your individuality and your style! You don't want to blend together and become one person. If he is wearing a gray dress shirt and jeans, bring in a small piece that ties you together such as a gray scarf with your pink dress. Choosing colors in the same family will photograph well and adding that element of color will make the image pop!

4-Bring multiple outfits. VERY important!

Start off by wearing something you would on a casual date night (or even more dressy if that's your style) such as a cute black dress and a scarf or chunky necklace. Then pack your jeans and a few tanks or sweaters (depending on the season of course) in a bag. You can alway change your look and it's better to have more, than wish you had brought something. If you wear something more dressy and later more casual it will allow for variety in the feeling in your images. Pack those necklaces, shoes, and scarves too!

Becka brought a few shirts and asked which one I liked best because she couldn't decide. We went with the pink one because it matched Brian's flannel...which I also picked out over a different dress shirt because it was more fall-ish ; )

Then they changed into this casual outfit for part 2 so we could lay and sit on the ground as well as have a whole new look!

5-Keep the season in mind and your environment

I know it seems obvious that you shouldn't wear a sundress in the middle of winter or don a peacoat when it's 90 degrees outside, BUT sometimes a good idea can turn ugly in a hurry. So check the forecast, prepare, and work with the weather that you've got. If you end up really having your heart set on a particular season, then schedule your session for that time rather than trying to fake it. Trust me, you can always tell when the environment and the outfit selections don't mesh. If your session is in the woods & you're going for that rustic feel, you'll look out of place in a little black dress & stilettos. Similarly, if you're doing an urban engagement shoot in the city, put together a sophisticated look rather than something too laid back. For beach sessions, something bright will be a nice pop of color against the sand & water, and AVOID neutrals, you'll be drowned out. In an urban shoot with a lot going in the background, a busy pattern will make you look like part of the background, rather than the star of the image.

Ben and Cynthia really wanted Winter engagement shots, so we made it work even with the cold and windy day!

We even had a little fun playing in the snow ; )

6-Bring some DIY props

Have a favorite blanket or board game or something special to the two of you? Bring them along! It will personalize your photos. I put together a lot of props for my clients, but I LOVE when you bring your own sense of style to the shoot and kick it up a notch!

Here are some great examples of things you can use that are affordable and a lot of fun!

Hand paint a pumpkin or sign showcasing your wedding date.

Ampersands are gaining popularity again! & & &

Mini sugar pumpkins...enough said!

A little basket and some apples made for some great shots!

I LOVE chalkboards!!! There is so much you can do with them. Grab one at any craft store for a few dollars!

Still pondering?

Check out some great outfits, color choices, and ideas on what to wear on my Pinterest board here

And before you head to the shoot just remember to be yourselves, plan ahead, shine your ring (spray a mixture of little alcohol and water to work wonders to make it SUPER sparkly) and have a great time.

You're engaged, have fun and enjoy it because before you know it the wedding will be here!

<3 Ashley

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