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What to wear for your engagement session

Did you just look in your closet, leave, come back and look again expecting the perfect outfit to emerge?

Yeah, been there!

So good news, dressing for your photo session does not mean you need to run to your favorite store and buy all new things. You definitely can if you want to, but you can also put together a great outfit from the things you already own.

Allow me to assist you by telling you what not to do and some tips ; )

1 -Don't wear anything that is uncomfortable

Those really high stilettos that kill your feet or worse you are not completely comfortable walking in is a big no, no. If you normally wear flats, then rock some bright colored ones! Anything that isn't what you normally do will make you seem nervous and uncomfortable and it will show in the photos. This time is about you being yourself. If you normally wear jeans, dress up your look with a cute top and some fun shoes.

Rob and Kelly are VERy laid back people and wanted a laid back look. It was nearly mid November so we wanted to go with something colorful that would pop and scream Autumn.

They nailed it!

They then changed into this orange colored sweater and gray top which was perfect for the season.