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Spring wedding cake ideas to inspire even the most indecisive bride!

Spring has sprung as they say, although it really doesn't feel very springy here in New England what with the continuous snow storms and the 20 degree days, but it's almost here...or so I keep telling myself!

So...let's talk about cake.

Have you picked out your cake design yet?

I either, it's so hard!

See what we need here is some INSPIRATION. Don't worry, I have got you covered!

The truth is, I love cake, well all desserts really (I don't discriminate). Long before I was engaged each time I spotted photos of wedding cakes in magazines it made me giddy. Yes giddy haha.

Food truly is beautiful and these beauties are no exception.

Dan and I are pondering doing a smaller cake like some of those featured here for our own wedding, but you could also take these decorating ideas and have your baker create a larger cake with that theme.

There's just something so adorable about a mini cake though!!

Plus #nosharing : )