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She hired a cheap wedding photographer and this is what she learned.

Before I share a fellow bride's story I wanted to tell you a few things first. I think the most common question that brides want to know during the planning process is, "how much?" How much should a DJ cost, a wedding cake, your officiant, and especially the wedding photographer.

This is when we typically ask our best friend Google and hope to find the answers to our questions. However sometimes Google can let you down. Stay away from searches that ask for "cheap photographer" or "wedding photographer for $900" or less. You will attract some businesses that you will not want to work with. You will see in a minute so stay with me here!!

As you are knee deep in your planning you most likely have a set budget in mind. We ALL have one.

You know what you can spend and if you can save a few dollars along the way then that's great, but there are certain things you will and won't want to do "on the cheap."

The truth is we ALL want to save some $$$ and there is nothing wrong with saving a few hundred dollars here and there.

However, my dad has always quoted this old saying, "If it seems to good to be true it probably is."

Did your dad tell you that too?

Why are our parents always so damn wise?

So if you see things like this deal I just took a quick screen shot of...