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Christian & Daniele Engaged

Daniele reached out to me in a slight panic (as any bride would be).

I told her...deep breaths.

This is KEY when you're feeling stressed out.

Her fiance (she told me) was shipping off in ten days which normally wouldn’t phase her (being she is marrying a military man), but then she told me that he wouldn’t be returning until a few days before the wedding.

Her wedding is in October!!

Holy 6 months away Batman!

She really wanted some engagement photos, so before she officially booked or I even had the pleasure of meeting either one of them in person, I looked at the weather for the next day and sent her a text.

“Can you make it tomorrow?”

Before we knew it we were heading to the AH-mazing Moore State Park in Paxton, MA.

I had never been there before so luckily my co-pilot (my wonderful fiance Dan) went with me and we walked around to check everything out.

The park has over 44 acres and is filled with water falls, rushing rivers, old stone walls and barns, a lake and beautiful trees.

It has it all.

Christian and Daniele also brought their three little guys and a chaperone at my request just in case.

Hey, we were all young once.

Remember when your mom said NOT to jump in the puddles?

Yeah me too!

I didn’t listen.

The kids were great though, LOTS of energy but it was wonderful to have an engagement and also a family session smooshed into one.

I told them to go "play in the jungle" aka the giant rhododendron plants ; )

They liked that.

They especially loved my requests for "silly faces."

The weather was GORGEOUS...not too hot or cold. It was 70, clear and perfect.

Christian and Daniele kept cracking each other up (and me).

Yes, she actually licked his face which supposedly is a regular occurrence at home.

They were so easy to talk to and work with.

Maybe because of their adorable way with each other, I am not sure haha. They are just awesome!

They were very natural with each other and just fit together wonderfully.

I didn’t even have to give them much help posing, just here and there but mostly they would do something adorable and I would yell “DON’T MOVE!!”

Maybe they thought there was a snake at first, haha.

I also loved how up for anything they were (including the kids).

Towards the end of the session we all became a bit tired and I think the kids were a little sad it was over.

Me too guys.

What a great day! I cannot wait for their wedding and wish Daniele comfort while she waits for her future hubby to come home safely.

I am so lucky that such amazing people find me and I have the opportunity to capture their beautiful moments.

I might be biased, but I think I have the best job in the world ; )

Congrats on your engagement Christian and Daniele, I had a great day with you and the kids!

<3 Ashley

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