Becka & Brian Say I do

Remember Kara and David's awesome backyard wedding last summer?

This is her amazing sister Becka and Kara's new brother in law Brian.

They were married on June 3'rd at Westfield Brewing Company in Southwick, MA.

Being able to photograph another wedding with the Pinsky family was an honor <3

I remember Kara and Becka running down the hall way that morning when I saw them in their hair and makeup and not fully dressed and hugging/jumping on me hehe.

Best moment ever ; )

My clients really do become my friends and I enjoy taking care of them.

I made a little circle with the wild flowers around their invite.

I am a dork like that ; )

So Becka like most brides unfortunately had a little stress on the wedding day, but we didn't let it spoil anything. She handled it like a boss!

Rule one of being a wedding photographer, KEEP THE BRIDE CALM ; )

When the bride is upset then NO one is happy. Her maid of honor Kara did a great job of keeping us on schedule for the day and keeping her sister from entering (as I like to call) meltdown mode.

As a bride myself, I know this mode all too well. Yeah, I have been there a few times already, my poor fiancee, haha.

I adored these intimate moments as sisters and best friends getting her sister ready for the big day.

Mostly because I love these two!

I feel lucky to be apart of these memories.

All of Becka's bling!

And of course her GORGEOUS bouquet, which complimented her dress perfectly.

Brian gave this charm bracelet to Becka the day before their wedding with their date on it, so cute!!

When she told me, I totally had an "awwwwwwww!!!" moment.

So an important thing to remember at the end of your wedding day, if your hair appointment runs late (it did for Becka), the weather is rainy (it rained that morning), or even if your venue pulls out some not so lovely last minute "surprises" (yup, that happened too) no matter what, you get to marry the love of your life and nothing can ruin or change that!

I think the BEST moment of the day was when Becka yelled out, "OH MY GOD!!" Then of course Kara and I proceeded to run to the next room thinking to ourselves oh please let things be ok.

Us- "What's wrong?!!

Becka- After a 30 second pause. "I'm so pretty!!!!"

Haha, and she was.

Becka went to open the curtain a few moments later and I said "hold it!!!" She just looked so beautiful standing there.

Then we let in the parents one by one to see Becka for the first time. ; )

Their faces were priceless.

I really loved this shot of Becka looking at her mom.

...and of this amazing lady ; ) carrying all the flowers like a champ! #maidofhonorduties

Then it was time to go get married!

All the bridesmaids showed up as we were headed out and we all squished into the elevator.

So before we get married, let's go back to the beginning of the day with the guys.

I can't leave them out after all.

I asked them to do a toast...because ya know, they had the beer and all ; )