Stacey & Todd say I do

On June 10th Stacey married the love of her life Todd on Martha's Vineyard at Stoney Hill.

Stoneyhill is a gorgeous privately owned property nestled in the forrest with a gorgeous barn and an adjacent horse farm, complete with dusty dirt road.

I would describe Stoney Hill as rustic meets glamorous. It was a very beautiful venue and I was honored to capture their day.

I loved all the little details from their wedding.

Like these cute Mason jar mugs and a self-serve lemonade station.

A welcome sign on an old vintage mirror, so cool!!

I remember way before any of her planning had even taken place, I first spoke to Stacey over email and she said she was wanting to hire someone to just take 8 photos.

I asked, "Why just 8?"

She said she really wanted to focus on a few things and I talked to her about all of them and really listened to her needs..

I never like to pressure anyone so I recommended 3 hours based on her day she she agreed (because she's awesome like that).

Before I knew it we went from the coldness of winter to the warmth of summer in the blink of an eye.

HOW does time go by so fast?!

So unfair.

I hadn't met her then fiancee Todd yet, but I knew he would be a wonderful man because Stacey is a sweetheart and she wouldn't settle for anything else.

I was right : )

Before the wedding Stacey seemed pretty calm as she did her own hair AND makeup (which was flawless).

I remember during their vows that Todd called Stacey his "Nubian queen" awwwww!!

I got into the shower for this shot, haha. Small room LOTS of bridesmaids. : )

As they were getting ready I whisked the dress away outside.

We had to ensure Todd wasn't out there first.

NO peeking!!!