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Kelly & Rob say I do

On June 25th Rob married the love of his life Kelly at the Foster Country Club in Foster, RI.

What a beautiful day it was, the weather was perfect despite a major looming thunderstorm it only sprinkled for maybe 3 minutes.

Just enough to give them some good luck on their special day ; )

Now having spent some time with Kelly and Rob during their engagement session I knew I liked them right away.

Yeah they're awesome.

They are the exact definition of a "chill couple" haha. Just very comfortable with one another and in front of the camera.

Their silliness made me smile and I knew the love and happiness they share with each other would definitely present on their wedding day.

I love these candids of Kelly with her mom.

I could literally hear the girls cracking up in here as I was shooting the dress and flowers just outside the door in a little cozy nook I discovered.

I LOVE this belt, Kelly it was perfect on you!!

Then it was time to put the dress on!!!

And earrings of course ; )

Her bridesmaids were amazing. They were so helpful throughout the day and were really there for Kelly.

I couldn't have asked for more!


Then a little toast to celebrate the day!!!

Also to calm the nerves as Kelly was just a tad nervous which is normal and expected for brides everywhere.

Then I took a few shots of Kelly by herself right before she was going to marry the love of her life.

Thank goodness for your bestie (that she's known since Kindergarten) aka her awesome maid of honor.

...and sparkling wine to calm your nerves.

What bride does NOT have a drink that morning/afternoon?? I fully intend on having several on my day ; )

Meanwhile downstairs...I grabbed some detail shots and also caught the groom before we all were about to head down to meet his bride at the gazebo.

These candles changed color...very cool!

This is Rob and his son/best man Vincent.

I LOVE Vincent he had the BEST best man speech ever haha.

It went something like...

"Kelly thanks for marrying my dad, even though he is MUCH older than you."

He was cracking us up!!!

Then it was time!

Kelly's nephew Timmy is so unbelievably cute!!!

Seeing his bride approach *swoon*

Woo hoo!!!

Then it was time for some food, group shots, and some bubbly.

I have always wanted to do this type of shot with the drama going on behind the scenes haha.

We nailed it!!!

I thought this was a great idea, each groomsmen (and the groom) had their own unique cufflink.

...and socks!

Kelly and her girls were beautiful.

Loving those one shoulder dresses!

A few of Kelly and her MOH.

Ahhhh so cute!!!

Then it was MY favorite time...the formals!!

The Foster Country Club has a covered bridge, a foot bridge and the gazebo.

We had a blast driving to each spot on the golf carts. We of course had to avoid flying golf balls ; )

Yeah this moment pretty much sums up Rob and Kelly, she teases him a ton haha!!

Love it.

Work it Rob!!!

I stood on the side of the road (ok apparently I realized after as a truck drove by was IN the road) to stack these beauties up, totally worth the danger ; )

These poor roses were half eaten by gypsy moths as many plants were this summer, but still beautiful!

Then it was time to head back for some dinner and dancing!

BEST pork ever!!!

Rob and Kelly asked me what I wanted to eat and I told them to surprise me, good choice guys!

Well we all called this one haha.

I bet you did't know this, but the Macarena and the Electric Slide Slide are making a come back.

True story.

I personally love those dances so don't judge ; )

Then we had to take just ONE more picture.

Will I say they almost tipped the golf cart over?

No, no I won't haha.