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Why you need an engagement session! do you NEED an engagement session?

*I designed this Save the Date, and I am happy to make something similar for you*

Short answer. Yes!


Well for lots of reasons. Let's go through them together shall we?

1- Get to know your photographer

This is a BIG one. While I am totally cool with chatting on the phone and meeting you once or twice for coffee before your big day, it really helps if we get to know each other a bit more photographically speaking. An e-session REALLY helps you to learn about how I will pose you, my overall style, and getting to know what to expect with having your photos professionally taken. It's definitely not the same as when you take a selfie, trust me. ; ) I also want to get to know you both too, so it's a win/win for everyone!

2- Save the Dates

These are both adorable AND practical. If your wedding is more than 6 months away you will want to use an image or several from your e-session to create and send Save the Dates. This helps let your guests know WAY in advance that you're getting married and you want them there! It also serves as en engagement announcement because not everyone will know. My husband's family still has ours on the fridge (awwww)!

3- You'll have variety

Now don't get me wrong, wedding picture are AH-MAZING, but you are all dressed up. Wouldn't it be nice to have you looking like yourselves, in a nice comfy pair of jeans and a cute sun dress? Yeah, I thought you might like that! Having engagement pictures gives you much more variety and quite frankly MORE for your investment.

4- Location is not an issue

Another great thing about engagement photos is you can take them where ever you want. So whether this is the place you first met, your favorite local coffee shop, or on the beach with the waves crashing because your wedding day will be no where near the ocean, the location is a free for all.

5- No time guidelines, no pressure

We won't be glancing down at our watches wondering when your cocktail hour ends, what time the ceremony will begin, what time you will have your first dances, etc... The engagement session is your time to be in love and just be relaxed and have fun. Not that your wedding won't be a blast, but you won't have guests to entertain or any worries during an e-session. It's just the 3 of us!

6- It's seriously it is

When you get to run around a park, splash in puddles, play in the autumn's a blast. There's no worry about getting dirty and you are encouraged to be silly. The sky is the limit for ideas. You can play your favorite board game, toast one another and have a picnic, make a snowman, etc... I am there to capture your essence as a couple and what makes you beautiful and wonderful. Like I said, during the e-session we have a ton of fun, promise!

7- See how awesome you look together

It's like a practice for the wedding day, well sort of minus the wedding dress and tux/suit ; ) You will get to see first hand how amazing you look when your photos are professionally taken, but also what makes you a unique couple through the eyes of my lens. It's a great experience!

8- Celebrate your engagement

Whether it's been 10 minutes or 10 weeks, being engaged is exciting. This gives you the chance to step back and away from your planning for a day and celebrate! Then re-live it through the images for years and years to come!

Engagement sessions are a blast and I always recommend them to my clients and if you browse through them on my site, you will see why they had so much fun with me.

Happy planning brides (and grooms)!

<3 Ashley

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