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Learn how to relax when having your photo taken

Chances are unless you are a celebrity (with the Paparazzi chasing you around all day), then you probably are NOT use to having your photo taken. I am not talking about selfies with your iPhone either, sorry guys, those don't count.

I am talking about professional photographs.

To have your photo professionally taken is to sort of relinquish control and trust in that person make you look amazing!! I know what you you are probably thinking, "Ugh...what if I look bad?" You won't. And please, please, PLEASE don't say, "I am not photogenic." I just cringed and wiped away a sad tear : ( Everyone is photogenic (TRUE STORY) you just need someone to capture who you are; shy or outgoing, tall or short, scars or tattoos. You are YOU and that is what makes you wonderful. Your face, your eyes, your smile, they all tell a story. I love to capture that!

So the first step is to stop doubting your awesomeness! Yes I am talking to you. The next step, preparation!

1- Plan your outfits. Try them out in front of your friends and family even if they think you're crazy haha. Remember that scene in Clueless when Alicia Silverstone says..."I never trust mirrors so I always take polaroids"? That girl was onto something : ) Have your friends or family snap a few photos with your phone and see if you like how the colors look, how your hair is styled, your accessories, etc... Knowing you love your outfit will make you feel more confident for the shoot.

2- Fix your hair and makeup the way YOU want it. Yes you can definitely have your makeup and hair done for you, but make sure that you look like yourself. Your salon will know how to make this happen! Today is NOT the day to try a super bold new color if you don't usually wear it. Try things out before and find a look you love. Remember, you want to look like yourself.

3- Deep breaths. Having your photo taken is NOT like going to the dentist. Even though I kind of like going to mine (I know, I'm weird). You get a little nervous, but it goes by SO fast. I will hug you, talk to you, give you tips, and make you feel great. Your nervousness will POOF into thin air. I bet you didn't know I was a magician ; )

In truth every single one of my clients is ALWAYS nervous for the first few clicks of the camera. Then after 5 minutes they begin to relax. I usually ask them how they feel before we start and I can see their panicked and nervous faces. I smile and reassure them that things will be fine and that they will soon forget I am even there.


To my solos who are rocking a session by yourselves, if you're super nervous bring a friend for moral support. They can just hang out, watch the session and make you giggle from the sidelines. Sometimes having someone close by that you love can be comforting, and also get you out of your comfort zone.

For my couples, lean on each other. Whisper silly inside jokes (or BE silly) and stories to calm yourselves. Lean your heads together and snuggle up. It looks adorable and will make you feel more comfortable and keep you calm.

YOU will rock your session, just remember deep breaths and enjoy yourself! Remember it's completely normal to be a little bit nervous and your photographer will expect that!

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<3 Ashley

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