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Julia & Paul say I do

Julia and Paul said "I do" on October 8th at the beautiful Coachmen's Lodge in Bellingham, MA.


When I say these two deserved a great day, I mean they really deserved it.

Julia and Paul have been through so much together as a couple.

Paul being deployed to Iraq.

Paul proposing and then Julia's engagement ring being stolen (I know how horrible).

It was a lot, but they made it.

They are a STRONG couple.

A beautiful couple.

I met them a few weekends before the big day and was so happy to be able to hug them both. Julia was calm, she was ready.

...and Paul was excited about his bachelor party, haha.

Julia mentioned they were torn between a few photographers and she booked me because she "liked my energy." : )

I really do believe that my couples find me for a reason, and I say this a lot, but I am lucky to work with such amazing people.

Julia is the sweetest thing and her family is WONDERFUL.

Her sister (the maid of honor) kept helping me carry furniture that morning and she, her other sister and mom kept checking in on me asking me if I needed anything.

Thanks ladies <3 that meant a lot.

I loved Julia's mother's home and the outside I KNEW we were going to have to take some pictures there, because I saw this tree and just became so excited.

So Julia's other sister was pregnant...and I am talking VERY pregnant, as in her due date was sometime around a week after the wedding.

Now THAT is some serious commitment to being a bridesmaid, and she never once complained about anything. Neither of them did, what amazing sisters Julia has!

Julia's nephew was such a cutie.

Julia's hair stylists and I couldn't get over how involved he was in the wedding and his cuteness.

He was so well behaved, despite that mom might not have always thought so.

He was very patient while the girls were getting ready.

Then while the girls were glamming it up, I shot the details!!

Julia's dress was so stunning!

Special thanks to Jess (MOH) for finding a pretty hanger so I could make this shot happen <3

She had tons because they have an entire closet FULL of their old prom dresses, haha.

We decided that was pretty convenient.

The charm fell off and then the pin snapped so...I quickly fixed it with some things we found laying around the house. Julia didn't even know ; )

The charm held a photo of her grandfather that she lost, but it was great she could have him so close to her on that special day.

Her something blue.

I loved this idea and was so happy she asked me to take this photo!

When your dress has all these amazing buttons, but you NEED back up ; )

Then it was time for the veil!

She looked so beautiful and regal.

Jess (the MOH) and I carried this mirror into the room so Julia could see herself for the first time in her dress on her wedding day.

It was heavy but worth it!

Julia's mom said she has been waiting Julia's whole life for the moment where she would walk down these stairs as a bride.

I love Julia's mom ; )

Then it was time to head outside for some shots near the fabulous tree.