Stacey & Todd's Boston "Trash" the dress

So if you don't remember, Stacey and Todd were married this past summer on Martha's Vineyard.

You can check out their wedding day here on the blog.

...but after their summer wedding was over they wanted to do some photos this fall in their two favorite spots, the Boston Common and also at The Copley Plaza Hotel.

Both were stunning choices.

This was my first trash the dress and I hope not my last!

*Note* this squirrel was insistent on following me.

I apologized and informed him that I had no food. He didn't seem too amused.


So let me just say ladies, that you do NOT have to "trash" your dress.

Some adventurous bride out decided after their wedding they were going to roll in the mud in their wedding dress and have someone take photos of it.

So the term "trash the dress" was born.

If you're into mud rolling and such I am game if you are, but you do not have to get it dirty.

You can however wear your beautiful dress again : ) just like Stacey did.

Stacey and Todd had a ball as people yelled out "CONGRATS!!" over and over all day.

Stacey graciously beamed her thanks and we kept on shooting.

It was like getting married all over again, minus their officiant and guests.

Just Stacey and Todd.

Well and the 200 plus people that were in the Boston Common that warm and sunny afternoon.

It was packed so my challenge was to make it seem like they were the only ones in the park.

Well and this guy playing the accordion.

He serenaded us <3 so he doesn't count.

So we walked around and explored the park in full on wedding attire, because we're awesome like that.

They looked great too, complete with Todd's tie that matched Stacey's nails.

A woman after my own heart...she loves to coordinate, haha.

If you've never visited the Boston Common definitely go!

It's one of the first places my husband took me to in Boston, back when we were first dating. I fell in love with it.

Everyone just sits outside, relaxes and enjoys nature in the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

It's magical.

Stacey wanted some shots with the willow tree branches and I was happy to take them!

They looked so cute all snuggled up underneath them.