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Jessica & Caleb say I do

On November 4th, Jessica and Caleb said I do at Twelve Acres in Smithfield, RI!

It became a little over cast and chilly, but nothing this couple and their amazing guests couldn't handle.

Jess had already had her makeup and hair done when I arrived and was ready to get dressed!

but her ladies needed a little more time.

...because the bride is the most important person that day ; ) she went first.

I loved shooting Jess's details under her gorgeous veil and by the window.

Her hotel room had some fabulous light going on.

I love Jess's bling!

I am a sucker for sparkly things <3

Jess' dress was custom made for her!

It is stunning!

She was a little worried about her shoes though, because she had scuffed them a little bit, but you couldn't even tell!

Ah, the magic of photography ; )

So then we asked anyone in the room to head out to give us a few quiet moments for Jess to get ready with her maid of honor.

One of my favorite moments is the time where the bride looks at her dress one last moment before she

puts it on to become a wife.

Or when your MOH that you've known since you were little is there for you EVERY step of the way.

Go awesome MOH's!!

These two share such an adorable friendship too. <3

Jess looked unbelievable.

Oh and did I mention she also had a baby girl just shortly before her big day?

It's hard to believe, but this woman is a bride AND a new mom!

You will see Mia (their sweet baby girl) in just a moment.

....BUT meanwhile behind the scenes, haha.

We have the flower girl and ring bearer having a ball!

Love his smile!

This is Mia.

Ah, so cute!!!

She sort of checked everything out as the chaos of getting ready swirled around her.

I loved her shoes.

She's so stylish just like her momma.

What a quiet girl, she barely made a peep ALL day. I hope my husband and I are that lucky one day ; )

What a good baby <3

...and THAT face!!!!


She was pretty content being all dressed up.

Some babies hate it, but not this girl!

Then the bride had a few quiet moments to herself before we headed off to the venue.

Caleb and the guests waited anxiously for the bride's arrival.

Before she arrived I grabbed some shots of her bouquet which was delivered to the venue.

You probably noticed it at the beginning of the post.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I loved the soft lavender colors that Jess chose.

You will see her bridesmaid dresses in a second.

Then before we knew it the bride arrived and it was go time!

Her girls looked great with their coordinating shawls all lined up.

This little one was READY to go, basket in hand!

She took her job as flower girl VERY seriously.

You can see it in her face how focused she was, haha.


Of course what flower girl is complete without her flower petals and her escort? ; )

Jess' dad held up her dress for her before they headed down the isle.

Such a sweet moment.

He looked so proud of Jess.

Caleb watched happily as his bride approached with his best man (and son) Connor by his side.

Cue the cutest photo bomber ever, haha.

The mother of the groom watched intently as her baby boy married his best friend.

Mother of the bride looking gorgeous in her dress.

Then Jess read her vows to Connor her (now official) step son. : )

She calls herself his "Steppie" short for step mom.

What a great and emotion filled way to begin their adventures together as a new family <3

I LOVE this photo of the two of them.

Yay for the new Mr. and Mrs!!!

Then it was getting late and COLD as we ran a bit late, so we hurried along the family pics and formals so everyone could get inside and get warm!

Everyone was told to make a face except Caleb ; ) he had no idea what they were doing.

What gorgeous pops of color.

Nothing more beautiful than a mom with her child : )

Mia looked so snuggly too with that warm white blanket!

Then it was onto the reception to celebrate!

Isn't this cake topper amazing?!

Perfect for their family and so original!

Their favors were cookies that looked like little wedding cakes!


Then Jess was swept off her feet ; )

...and time to cut their mini cake.

Caleb was a little scared (haha) but there was no smashing of the cake in anyone's face ; )

I never can tell!

Congrats guys, here's to many years of happiness and to your new adventure as a family.

I am so happy for you both!

<3 Ashley

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