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Answers to YOUR most common ?'s

Here is everything you need to know!

...ok well maybe not EVERYTHING, but I want to cover some of the most common questions my amazing brides have asked before and during the booking process. Here we go!

1. How many photos will we receive?

My answer to this is, "More than you will ever possibly need." BUT if I had to slap a number on there for you, you will receive 50+ for each hour of coverage so on average about 400.

2. Do we have to purchase the images, how does that work?

I provide you with a custom flash drive of your images (I've been told it's adorable quite a few times) which are edited and I give you full print rights. What that means is you can print them for personal use and/or share them to social media. Just don't forget to give me a shout out! ; )

3. I heard we get a gift!!!

You heard right, it's true! Once you have sent your deposit in I mail you a "Thank you for booking" gift. It's a surprise so you will have to wait and see.

4. Speaking of deposits how much do you require?

I ask for my clients to send a 30% deposit. Once I speak with you and we draw up a custom quote for your day, I make it SUPER simple to mail that on back to me. No crazy forms to fill out, nice and easy. You have enough planning to do!

5. Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! Weddings are expensive. We paid for ours 100% on our own, so I get it don't worry. Once you send in your deposit in full we can arrange a payment method for the balance that works for you along the way, OR you can mail in your final payment in full 7 days before your event.

6. Do we get some black and whites?

Yes of course! I LOVE black and whites. They add drama, mystery, and beauty to your day. I artfully choose which images will make the best black and whites for you.

7. Do you do candids or posed pictures?

Both. Most of the day I am running around capturing candid moments as they happen naturally. It's called photojournalism. I am IN the moment. However, I also will pose you and your family so you look your very best. I don't do it a great deal, mainly for formals. I have however been known to fix your hair, help you touch up your lip stick, clean stains (sometimes they happen), you name it. I want you to look amazing no matter what!

8. We don't know how to pose each other!

Don't worry, because I do. You do NOT need to know how to do that. I will tell you things like "snuggle up closer, kiss her forehead, hold his hands, etc." I move your bodies in ways in which you look natural and comfortable. You will soon forget I am even there and just focus on one another and being in love!

9. When will we receive our photos?

I know how HARD it is to wait!! So, I provide a sneak peek up on Instagram and Facebook a few days after so make sure to follow me! Then your blog is up in about 3-4 weeks and all of your final images in a private gallery and mailed off to you in less than 6 weeks.

10. What if it rains on our day?

I always have plan B ready to go. I also have about 10 clear umbrellas, an assistant when needed, and we will make the rain the most beautiful part of your day, not the worst. There are so many ways to get great shots. Plus rain boots look adorable under wedding dresses, so don't stress ; ) It's the one thing you really can't plan or control.

11. Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, definitely! Although I have never needed it, it's good to prepare for the worst just in case!

12. If you get sick what happens?

I have a team of photographers I network with. I would provide a subtable replacement in case of an extreme emergency, but don't worry I have never been sick during wedding season. *knock on wood*

13. Do you do first looks?

Yes, definitely and I LOVE them. You can see some here and here! First looks definitely help me to capture MORE of your day without the added pressure you might feel with 100+ eyes on you at the alter. It's so romantic and special. I did one myself as a bride and I was so thrilled that we decided to. Of course there is nothing wrong with tradition and waiting to see your spouse at the alter. It's your day and all about what you want as a couple.

14. What do your packages offer?

Most include an engagement session, and all include a custom made flash drive with all images, a private online gallery, custom story telling blog post, and ALWAYS me as your emotional support guru!

15. Our families are divorced and there's lots of "drama" can you handle that?

I am on it! Without sounding cliche (ok I am just going to go for it), I am a "people person." Yeah, I said it! I love being around others as I am a social person and photographer. I have had no issues telling mother in laws, grandmothers, fathers, brothers, cousins, etc. to give you some space. I have also made sure at the couple's request that certain individuals weren't in the family photos. You will hear me say this a lot, but It's YOUR day, no one else's! Whatever I can help with I am happy to be there to support you.

16. There are a TON of photographer's out there, what makes you different?

Good question! My style first and foremost, which incorporates nature. I believe my brides seek me out because of the warmth and infusion of bright colors, light, and intimacy that my images reflect. Also...I am there not only as your wedding photographer, but your friend. I am there cheering you on, keeping you calm, wiping your tears because your Maid of Honor is holding up your train. I am so much more than a photographer and I am with you every step of the way! It's hard to find professionals that truly care, but I do.

To give you a better idea, here are some kind words from my past brides on Wedding Wire ; )

17. How much do your services cost?

Honestly, it's different for each and every bride. It depends on how many hours you need. Don't worry, when I chat with you on the phone we figure ALL of that out! Some brides like to have me there from getting ready to the last dace, others just want the ceremony and a few formals. It's your day and it's up to you. On average brides spend about 2200, but that doesn't mean I can't meet your budget. We can always find a way to make it work!

Have any other questions or interested in booking? Let's chat!

Happy planning ; )

<3 Ashley

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