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Kaitlyn & Mike Engaged

Kaitlyn and Mike are engaged!!

Yay : )

When Kaitlyn first reached out and said she wanted her engagement session in March I was pretty surprised, seeing as the New England weather has been less than warm and sunny!

I love how brave Kaitlyn is.

Not only did she JUST get over the flu the week before and was having her engagement pics done in the first week of March, but she was doing them a few days after a major storm.

The storm that caused things like this to happen.

Mother nature IS powerful!

We seem to have those types of storms a lot lately.

As in every other week.

Is it summer yet?!

Well at least we are at the beach.

Kaitlyn and Mike met me at Goddard Park because our original spot Warwick City Park (where Kelly and Rob had their session) was closed due to the storm. I made a quick decision and we went with it.

I LOVE Goddard Park, and I am soooo glad we went there!

Kaitlyn and Mike brought their two puppies Link and Brownie and her parents for moral support and puppy maintenance haha (thanks again for all of your help!!).

Kaitlyn had to pick Brownie up because she was scared of the water, poor baby.

Seriously though, HOW cute are these two?

They were so excited, they couldn't contain themselves.

The dogs I mean ; )

Oh and Kaitlyn and Mike too!

Kaitlyn even brought props which I adored.

You can see the love in her gorgeous blue eyes for her groom.


Props really make the session so much fun!

I love these old lantern posts by the sea's edge.

I brought along my antique accordion camera that my husband bought me.

It matched Kaitlyn's outfit perfectly ; )

Then it was time for the photos I had envisioned ever since Kaitlyn told me she wanted to include her fur babies.

This is why I ALWAYS bring a chalk board to my sessions.

So cute!!!

It was HARD getting them to hold still, haha.

Kind of like a 5 year old who just ate a package of Twinkies

...or you know 15 packages.

They were so good though, trying their best to behave for mom and dad.

Then we had to ask ONE more thing of Brownie and Link.

Dress up as a bride and groom ; )

Prettiest bride EVER!

Then we headed to this great bridge nearby which resulted in some of my favorite shots from the day!

Then they went from this...

to this, haha!

We finished off the session by grabbing their blanket and getting their snuggle on ; )

Congrats Kaitlyn and Mike!

I had such a great time with you.

<3 Ashley

ps. Don't forget to share this post : )

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