Easter treat

I think I was a food blogger in a past life.

True story.

I love to photograph food, and desserts especially.

I have been a dessert lover before I even took my first breath.

I blame my mom for all the cake and sweet tarts she ate while pregnant with me, haha.

When people say, "I don't have a sweet tooth" I sort of turn my head to one side like a dog does when it becomes confused.

HOW can that be????!!

Desserts are amazing and so is Spring time.

It's full of bright colors, flowers, flavors, and decorations.

This dessert WOWs because it just looks so pretty and it's really EASY to make.

Yes easy.

If you can mix things in a bowl then you have got this!

My family loved them.

They aren't super rich either which was nice, but they definitely are a bit filling for a "mini" dessert.

I love bite sized desserts.

How cute are these?!

They would be perfect wrapped up individually or displayed on a cupcake stand for a Spring wedding.

I am not sure a bride would want to bake 100+ of these herself, but that's what bridesmaids and family are for, right?

Everyone will "oooooo" and "ahhhhh" trust me ; )

I am not going to lie.

I ate like 15 of these mini malted milk balls as I put these together.

You could also use Cadbury mini eggs, but these were just a tad smaller and I liked their look more.

They have a great crunch too!

This is how I packaged them up ready for some Easter eating.

It was pretty funny when my nephew asked me if he could eat some of the "grass."

I said totally his call, but I didn't think he would like the taste of the paper, haha.

He decided against it.

Good call buddy.

Lucky for me I had a fabulous hand model and taste tester to help me.

My pretty niece.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Here is the recipe : )

I hope you have as much fun making them as I did!