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Ashlee & Keith say I do

These two high school sweethearts tied the knot!

They celebrated at the fabulous Foster Country Club in Rhode Island on Saturday, May 19th.

No bride likes rain on her day, and this was my first one where it POURED.

It ended up raining quite hard all day, but hey it means lots and lots of LUCK for this wonderful couple.

Not that they need it ; )

They have been together since 10th grade!

To begin the day, Ashlee got ready at her dad's house.

So lovely!!!

I felt so welcomed and it was wonderful to see Ashlee's family all gathered together at the home.

Everyone of course was super busy rushing around, getting ready for the big event!

During the craziness someone got ahold of some lipstick, haha.

What a cutie!

I am ALL about these boots.

It suits her style so well!

During the engagement session last year I remember Ash telling me she was going to wear them under her dress.

So pretty!

She even had some for her girls.

I loved all of Ashlee's bling and of course the initial Alex and Ani bracelet.

This photo came from later in the day at the church, but I couldn't resist plopping it in here, haha.

Her bouquet was awesome!

Isn't her dress simply stunning?

That lace though!!

I mentioned this on Instagram, but I had to squeeze into a VERY small space with Ashlee and her mom in the bathroom when she put on her dress.

See that tile on the left?

Yup I am IN the shower, haha.

One of my favorite shots of the day!

Ashlee's mom patiently used the crochet hook and buttoned her all the way up.

So sweet.

Then it was time for the MOH to add the final touch, her veil!

This is the amazing limo driver who refused to have the bride or her MOH get wet <3

Good man!

Then from Woodstock, CT we went to Ashford to this fabulous church to get married!

I loved these doors on the side of the building.

So much texture and the blue is gorgeous!

Then it was time to head to the venue to celebrate!

Ashlee and Keith had a rustic style which I adored.

Even Amanda the wedding coordinator (aka the nicest, most organized coordinator EVER) told me afterwards that she loved all the decor too.

...and she sees a ton!

Ashlee came up with everything and she DIY'd!

I give her tons of credit, because decorating your own wedding takes a ton of work.

She did a wonderful job.

The ladder and lavender colors were my favorite.