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Emily & Ben say I do

Emily and Ben were married on May 27th at the gorgeous Mansion at Bald Hill.

I absolutely adore these two and their families.

Ben and Emily are the biggest sweethearts.

Emily is so kind and soft spoken and Ben is silly and outgoing.

You know when two people just fit?

That's Ben and Emily.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect location than the Mansion at Bald Hill for a wedding.

It's just covered with beautiful gardens and gorgeous long brick walkways.

Everywhere you turn it's stunning.

There was just so much love and happiness on their wedding day it was wonderful.

From the emotional MOH speech from her twin, to the decorations, to the gentle fall of rain outside.

It was a perfect in every way.

To begin the day we got ready in Mrs. Bowen's room at The Mansion.

Each room has its own unique name.

I loved Emily's style!

Her dress was PERFECT for her and those shoes...I love sparkly.

Enough said ; )

Her two sisters helped her put the final touches together.

It was so wonderful watching them help and being so kind and attentive even though Emily barely asked for anything the entire day.

They were there for her.

These flowers.


When they arrived all I could think was, every bridal party's bouquets should be this amazing.

You'll be seeing more of these in a second.

I found this chair in her room that had the prettiest pattern and colors so I made good use of it!

I love not knowing what I will find when I first arrive to shoot all of your details.

It makes each wedding so unique.

Emily LOVED her faux eye lashes.

The three of us sadly had to tell her she had to take them off at the end of the day.

I wanted to keep mine on too, haha. ; )

Isn't she beautiful?

After Emily was finished getting ready we headed to the first look so we headed downstairs.

This first look GOT me big time.

Before we walked over Emily's mom met us at the porch and saw Emily for the first time as well.

She is such a kind and lovely person and you can tell she loves her baby's so much.

I had Emily stay with her mom and I walked Ben over under the arbor to shield him a bit from the rain.

Doesn't he look handsome? : )

I think Ben had a major Fred Astaire "Dancing in the Rain" vibe going on.

I asked him to stay and wait but not to turn around until he heard me tell him to do anything.

Ben became emotional as he was imagining his bride.

I yelled back as I was running to grab Emily "HOLD those tears in until you see her!!"

The anticipation of the first look is the the greatest moment.

I have chills just thinking of it.

So then I ran back to grab Emily.

I loved this stone wall so much I had Emily stop for a moment.

Emily could barely contain her excitement as she walked to see Ben.

Of course the rain started to really pick up at that point, but that seemed to only make it more romantic.

We were almost there and now Emily could see her husband to be waiting patiently for her.

When Ben finally turned around it was pure magic.

I loved seeing Ben's face!

Pure bliss.

This is by far my favorite image of the day and there were many I loved.

The emotion they both felt as he looked at one another was incredible.

I watched their love story unfold.

These were natural and in the moment which to me makes them all the more special.

We then did some formals with just the two of them before family arrived.

As you know this is my absolutely favorite part of the whole wedding day.

The two of you alone and in love.

What could be better?

Ok tied for parent dances.

I love those too.

This is a shot I have always wanted to do and we nailed it.

The rain drops just make it so private and intimate.

Then Mansion has this great tree.

Sadly the lights weren't on yet, but I love how it shielded Ben and Emily from the rain.

No umbrellas needed!

Ben actually drew this moment ahead of time for Emily so they could remember it always.

How sweet is that?

He did a great job!

I took MANY photos of these beautiful rings, but I really loved them against the mint hues of the succulent.

I basically stole....sorry, borrowed this lovely arrangement for a few minutes ; )

What's better than sharing a kiss on your wedding day by a gorgeous fountain?

These two are made for each other!

Then we moved onto family and wedding party photos under the cover of the Mansion's balcony so everyone stayed dry.

Anyone see the resemblance?

That is Emily's MOH and also her twin <3

I loved these bridesmaid dresses.

The color.

The texture.


I am not going to lie, I kind of want to buy one now, haha.

Look at these dapper men!

From there it was time to get married and make it official, but first a group family shot!

Emily had both her parents walk her down.

I love to snap photos of the bride's parents as they watch their baby all grown up and getting married.

I always enjoy seeing all the wedding details!

I think that's because as a past bride I know how hard couples work on their planning.

It's nice to see it all come together.

Ben and Emily had a selfie station with an Instax, so cool!

Everyone joined the wedding party at the reception and got to the dancing, toasts, dinner, and some cake.

You know...the good stuff!

Speaking of cake.

HOW pretty is Ben and Emily's wedding cake?

Yes I totally oooooo'd and ahhhhh'd.

I love wedding cakes.

Pretty soon my husband and I will be eating a bite or two of our leftover cake from last August on our anniversary.

It's been sitting patiently in the freezer for us ; )


Ben and Emily's cocktail hour included a magician.

I mean how cool is that?!

He went around and performed some pretty tricks.

The guests seemed to really enjoy it

Emily during the night asked for some photos of her adorable niece and nephew.

They are precious!

Be prepared for cuteness overload ; )

This guy right here, haha.

I love him!

Then he hugged Emily and I "AWWWWW'd" for a full two minutes.

They are going to be amazing parents one day.

Maternity session in the future guys? ; )

Let me know and I am there!

Family is important to this couple and it shows.

Especially Emily's twin sister.

The best line from her speech was...

"I have known the bride longer than ANYone in this room, including out parents.

We used to pick each other's noses in the womb."

The room then erupted with laughter.

Of course it went from silly to serious because she just loves her sister so much and had so many amazing things to share about her and Ben as well.

"When she said she was moving away, my heart sank, but then she met Ben."

It was a great speech and probably not a dry eye in the house including me.

Of course the best man speech was also fantastic!

Then it was onto some dancing.

Ben and Emily you are the sweetest couple with the sweetest family.

May you always be as in love as you were on your wedding day.

Wishing you both all of the happiness in your new lives together.

Let the adventures continue ; )

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You're the best! : )

<3 Ashley

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