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New packaging

I am so excited to share my new wedding packaging with you!

This is what couples will receive in the mail for their wedding images.

Engagement sessions will be different, but don't worry, they will be packaged with their very own adorable canvas bag and the same glass USB drive.

This little USB has some weight to it, but is easy to slip in and out of your USB port.

I tested it at least 15 times : )

I have always loved supporting small businesses and the seller I found on Etsy is great.

He actually makes these by hand and burns the logo onto the canvas box with a laser.

Pretty awesome right?

I love the softness and natural look of the linen.

Thank you to Ashlee & Keith for being my first recipients and models for the packaging, haha.

I knew they wouldn't mind because they are amazing like that.

Doesn't their photo look pretty all wrapped up?

To me this packaging is very unique.

It's also an easy way for you to store small wedding keepsakes should you want to or just keep your USB safe!

Plus that bow is SO darn cute!

It will include a 5 X 7 photo printed from my professional lab to get you started.

It's so exciting to have your first wedding photo!

If you'd like more than one just let me know once your gallery is up and you can easily purchase your favorites!

I look forward to delivering your images in style ; )

<3 Ashley

ps. Do you LOVE the new packaging?

Then click that heart button!

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