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Katey & Oliver Engaged

Katey and Oliver are ENGAGED!!!

From the moment I met Katey and Oliver I loved these two.

I kept telling them how cute they were ALL DAY!

They were probably rolling their eyes thinking, "Please stop."

I couldn't help it!!!

We decided on Colt State Park In Rhode Island for their engagement session.

Katey actually walks Luna (their adorable dog) there a few times a week.

It's so pretty with all the sea grass and ocean views.

I hadn't been there in awhile, but it was just like I remembered.

I realized today that these two are my second pair of high school sweethearts I have ever photographed.

They have been together for eleven years!!

Amazing <3

Luna was a little camera shy at first, but she warmed up ; )

Plus we had treats which always help when you're near a scary new person, haha.

Luna is a rescue and has been through some tough things so we took it slow for her.

Of course ALL I wanted to do was hug her!

I think she had a fun day ; )

By the way, have you noticed Luna's tongue?

Ah, so cute!

Like a leopard with those spots.

What good girl!

Then it was time for Luna to hang out with grandma and her uncle so I could get some shots of Katey and Oliver.

I love how sweet and gentle Oliver is with Katey.

They just adore one another.

Are you "awww"-ing yet?

I knew going into this session that Katey really LOVES the ocean.

So when she told me that she wanted an ocean vibe I was glad I could give this to her.

From taking off their shoes to sitting on the ground and dealing with the rain/wind these two were amazing!

Listening to my client's needs and concerns is always a top priority.

...but it's also nice when they listen to me too ; )

I think we did pretty well Katey!

Also, I am loving this black and white of you ; )

So we walked around a bit and I had them snuggle up.

You know, act even more adorable then they were before.

The photo below is my FAVORITE from the day.

No contest!

I think it captured them perfectly.

Katey even found some GREAT shells on one of her walks to create her Save the Date announcement.

Love it!

When she told me she wanted to do shells a few days before, I was totally for it.

Katey used a Sharpie, no paint needed!

Props are great, but when you can find them right from nature it's even better.

Also including this oyster shell which Katey told me is a rare find to locate at Colt State Park.

She found it a few weeks earlier.

So of course I used it to shoot her gorgeous ring.

Looking at at these shots with all of this HOTweather we have had lately makes me want to head back and jump in that cool water.

...and speaking of going in the water.

So while Colt State Park has a beach, when we arrived it was mostly submerged from the tide.

The one location I did find where I shot 90% of the photos (that was dry) we had to jump off a bridge (not as terrifying as it sounds) into the sand.

The problem was we couldn't really climb back up.

We totally knew this going in, but it was SO worth it.

So we embraced the water and all three of us took off our shoes and rolled up our pants (well Oliver and I did, Katey was the smart one ; )

When I got home I realized sand was actually IN my pant's pockets, haha.

All that matters is getting the shots I want for my couples!

It was a blast.

Katey has such a natural beauty about her.

I could tell she was having fun during the session!

When I glanced over and saw Oliver looking at her I asked, "Doesn't she look beautiful?"

A wide smile came across his face and he replied...."Always."

Right after we got out of the ocean and back onto dry land it started to POUR.