Katey & Oliver Engaged

Katey and Oliver are ENGAGED!!!

From the moment I met Katey and Oliver I loved these two.

I kept telling them how cute they were ALL DAY!

They were probably rolling their eyes thinking, "Please stop."

I couldn't help it!!!

We decided on Colt State Park In Rhode Island for their engagement session.

Katey actually walks Luna (their adorable dog) there a few times a week.

It's so pretty with all the sea grass and ocean views.

I hadn't been there in awhile, but it was just like I remembered.

I realized today that these two are my second pair of high school sweethearts I have ever photographed.

They have been together for eleven years!!

Amazing <3

Luna was a little camera shy at first, but she warmed up ; )

Plus we had treats which always help when you're near a scary new person, haha.

Luna is a rescue and has been through some tough things so we took it slow for her.

Of course ALL I wanted to do was hug her!

I think she had a fun day ; )

By the way, have you noticed Luna's tongue?

Ah, so cute!

Like a leopard with those spots.

What good girl!

Then it was time for Luna to hang out with grandma and her uncle so I could get some shots of Katey and Oliver.

I love how sweet and gentle Oliver is with Katey.

They just adore one another.

Are you "awww"-ing yet?

I knew going into this session that Katey really LOVES the ocean.

So when she told me that she wanted an ocean vibe I was glad I could give this to her.

From taking off their shoes to sitting on the ground and dealing with the rain/wind these two were amazing!

Listening to my client's needs and concerns is always a top priority.