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Ashlee & Keith are expecting

So you know when couples announce their baby's gender?

It was like that....but WAY better, haha.

Ashlee and Keith chose ME to capture and announce to their family members that they are pregnant.

AHHHHHHHHHHH, so exciting!!!!

I love these two!

They pretended they gathered everyone for Sunny's adoption day/birthday (which it was)...

but they had a bigger surprise in mind.

Sunny of course had a party hat which she did not love, but she worked with us and kept it on.

For a full three minutes.

SUCH a good girl.

I made this sign as a joke, but Sunny you are going to be the best big sister ever!

I mean just LOOK at this face.

I think that hat compliments her ; )

So for this session I brought over a few props (I mean how could I not??), but Ashlee and I planned weeks before and she bought the CUTEST little shoes and made and purchased some props too.

I loved them all!

What is it about tiny shoes that is just so darn cute?!!

It's been hard not sharing any of these images.

*Note this water bottle cracks me up EVERY time, haha.*

The struggle HAS been real people.

I didn't want anyone to figure things out so we kept it TOP secret.

Until now ; )

I've known for a little bit ; ) but I couldn't tell.

I borrowed this milk jug from their home, which if you saw Ashlee and Keith's wedding she had this placed on their escort card table.

It was nice to tie in a piece of their wedding.

Oh and the ladder holding the onesie was leaned against their sweetheart table <3

My clients feel like family and I truly adore Ashlee and Keith.

So speaking of family after we took photos of Sunny and the props we stashed it all away and waited for everyone to arrive.

Ashlee's parents knew, but for Keith's it was about to be a huge surprise.

So I usually don't have people yell anything out when I take a photo, so this was fun.

I said, "Ok say Summer!"

I said "Ok say Sunny!!"

Then I said "Ok everyone say Ashlee is pregnant!!!"

This was followed by a VERY long pause and then it hit and it hit hard, haha.

The faces are priceless!

Keith's mom said he asked Keith if would be celebrating Father's Day this year and he told her no.

Sneaky, sneaky ; ) haha.

It wasn't time to tell them yet, but I think a mother always knows more than we realize.

I thought it was beautiful how emotional everyone became.

I know my family will be the exact same way when that day comes for us.

All the moms got together.

I am so glad I asked to take this photo.

I know they will always look back on it and remember this moment right after the good news.

They didn't want to waste anymore time not sharing the good news with loved ones.

What proud grandparents : )

Ashlee's MOH Jen was also there but she was videoing and was hiding behind the scenes.

These two are always so adorable, haha.

Congrats again Ashlee and Keith!

This baby is going to have some amazing parents.

I can't wait for the maternity session!!

All my love to you both.

<3 Ashley

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