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Nicole & Corey Engaged

We had a blast among the sunflowers and fields at Dame Farm a few weekends ago.

This local Rhode Island treasure has been operating since the 1840's!

They sell lots of delicious farm grown fruits and veggies.


It's a pretty magical place.

In addition to selling produce they also offer sunflower picking!

At Dame Farm they even make sure to wrap all of your sunflowers for you.

They can get a little sticky with all the pollen so they're easier to carry this way.

Plus don't they look so cute all wrapped up?!

You can see the sunflower field off in the distance beyond these pink cone flowers.

I arrived early and I couldn't wait to get into the fields with Nicole and Corey!

Dame Farm also offers apple and blueberry picking as well as tulips in the spring season.

...but sunflowers are the thing to do in July.

It was VERY hot that day

As in it was 98 degrees and we were in the middle of a field kind of hot.

We did start their session in a different field and a small bit of forrest just down the street.

The hope was that the weather would cool down a bit before we went and picked sunflowers.

It kind of did, but we were grateful for the shade!

Their poor pup Blitz had to take several breaks.

A special thanks to Nicole's mom for keeping him in the cool, air conditioned car while we did our session.

It's important to remember that when you're hot your pet is hot too!

What a CUTE dog Blitz is!!

So friendly and easy going too.

The perfect puppy ; )

I mean... have you seen this face?!!


I will babysit, ANYtime <3

...just sayin.

Bringing a pet is definitely becoming a trend.

My last three e-sessions brought their dogs as well!

Which makes me so happy, because I love dogs!

Your pet deserves to be there too.

They want to celebrate your love!

Nicole saw this on Pinterest so I re-created the idea.

It was adorable and her friend actually made the Save the Date sign for them!

I LOVE signs.

Then we walked down the path to the field just up ahead.

These two were champions and rocked it despite the HOT temperatures.

There was also poison ivy which I was careful to make sure NO one stepped in.

I love the sun flare we had going on in these images.

So pretty with the two of them all snuggled up.

Then afterwards we said goodbye to Blitz (because dogs aren't allowed in the sunflower fields).

We headed back down the road to pick some sunflowers at the farm.

So we learned a few things we wanted to share if you've never picked a sunflower before:

1- Sometimes they have prickly stems so watch out for that!

2- Leave yourself enough of the stem as you cut but don't make them too long either.

3- They are surprisingly HEAVY so be prepared when carrying a whole bouquet ; )

Luckily for Nicole, she had some help.

We were pleasantly surprised at how BIG they were.

They made for the perfect back drop for these two loves!

...and of course for Nicole's ring shot.

If you know me then you know I LOVE nature, so this was a BLAST.

After awhile, we didn't feel the heat as a late afternoon breeze picked up.

It was magical.

Nicole and Corey, I hope you enjoyed some sneak peeks of my favorite shots of the day.

Your wedding next year is going to be amazing!

I just hope Blitz can make it ; )

Your sunflowers were perfect and I hope you had fun picking them together!

Know Corey or Nicole? Please feel free to share this post on Facebook and spread the love!

<3 Ashley

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