Nicole & Corey Engaged

We had a blast among the sunflowers and fields at Dame Farm a few weekends ago.

This local Rhode Island treasure has been operating since the 1840's!

They sell lots of delicious farm grown fruits and veggies.


It's a pretty magical place.

In addition to selling produce they also offer sunflower picking!

At Dame Farm they even make sure to wrap all of your sunflowers for you.

They can get a little sticky with all the pollen so they're easier to carry this way.

Plus don't they look so cute all wrapped up?!

You can see the sunflower field off in the distance beyond these pink cone flowers.

I arrived early and I couldn't wait to get into the fields with Nicole and Corey!

Dame Farm also offers apple and blueberry picking as well as tulips in the spring season.

...but sunflowers are the thing to do in July.

It was VERY hot that day

As in it was 98 degrees and we were in the middle of a field kind of hot.

We did start their session in a different field and a small bit of forrest just down the street.

The hope was that the weather would cool down a bit before we went and picked sunflowers.

It kind of did, but we were grateful for the shade!

Their poor pup Blitz had to take several breaks.

A special thanks to Nicole's mom for keeping him in the cool, air conditioned car while we did our session.

It's important to remember that when you're hot your pet is hot too!

What a CUTE dog Blitz is!!

So friendly and easy going too.

The perfect puppy ; )

I mean... have you seen this face?!!