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Amelia & Jon say I do

Amelia and Jon were married on September 22'nd at the GORGEOUS Newagen Seaside Inn.

Which is located in the quaint town of Boothbay Harbor in Maine.

I was so fortunate to be by Rhode Island's coast one weekend and then on Maine's the next. I love the ocean and Jon and Amelia do too, and their venue without exaggeration is truly magical. I remember during the cold and damp spring weather that Amelia sent me over some photos of the Newagen Inn. She was just SO excited she couldn't wait (neither could I). It was an honor to be apart of their day and take part in their Jewish traditions where I learned so much!

I hadn't met Amelia or Jon until the day before their wedding, but it's funny because the next night at the wedding Amelia's father said the sweetest thing to me. I asked him if he was going to get out there and dance and he smiled and said, "I know NOW why she picked you." He hadn't seen a single image and that kind of trust and warmth is priceless to me. It meant the world long with a thank you card Amelia and Jon gave me after their wedding.

They both have such wonderful families and are truly lucky (thanks to Bruce) to have connected and found one another.

ps. Bruce was their pet fish ; )

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their day.

The views at this venue are UNBELIEVABLE!

See this red house?

The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz lived there!!

Her family still owns the property.

True story.

This was also probably the most beautiful bridal suite I had ever seen. the Seahorse Cottage.

Which comes complete with your own deck over looking the ocean.


These two handsome guys walked the flowers down for the ladies <3

Then it was time for the first look down sunset path.