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Brie & Bill Engaged

What a sweet couple these two are!

If you know me, then you know that love makes me all swoony, haha.

I am so LUCKY that I get to experience it behind my lens and watch the magic unfold.

Sure, during an engagement session you're a little nervous at first, but who isn't?

What I promised Brie and Bill that 15 minutes in they would be having fun and feel more relaxed, and they did. Pretty soon I had Bill twirling Brie around. We were climbing over sand dunes, over rock ledges, and walking into fields of daffodils....oh yeah and we stood in front of a million+ dollar mansion. If you're in Newport you HAVE to do it.

I also shot this session 5 months pregnant.

So our little girl kept the three of us company. I think she liked being included on the action because she was kicking me pretty hard sometimes ; )

Brie and Bill were so sweet and made sure I was extra careful. Like when the waves were washing OVER the rocks right near where I was standing. It was so darn WINDY that day it couldn't be helped.

We had a blast and I was so honored that they traveled from out of state to be there with me. They are the kindest couple and so gorgeous together. In fact people kept blowing their horns and stopping to say how cute they looked.

FYI: This has never happened to me during a shoot.

True story.

It's so clear that these two have something special.

Congrats Brie and Bill, please enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

Then it was off to Brenton Point to wrap up the session.

Boy was it COLD and windy, but these two were amazing and we kept shooting after sunset.

Totally worth it.

I just adore the way these two look at one another!!

Great smiling Bill, we are proud of you! ; )

The sky was SO pretty after the sun had dipped into the horizon.

Epic seaside sunset!

Then it was time to go back to the car and warm up, haha. After this session it has rained EVERY single day so we definitely lucked out.

Had so much fun Brie and Bill, thank you again!

Can't wait for your wedding in October.

<3 Ashley

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